Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 2008

Complete Document (5.5 mb pdf)

Download by Section:I. Table of Contents and Executive Summary (740kb pdf)

II. Geronimo Trail Advisory Committee (191kb pdf)

III. Byway Inventory

Scenic Highlights & Historic Features with Map (329kb pdf)

Side Trips with Map (268 kb pdf)

Recreational Sites & Facilities with Map (335kb pdf)

Cultural Attractions (124 kb pdf)IV. Corridor Management Plan: Critical Elements (333 kb pdf)

V. Vision Statement, Goals and Objectives (174kb pdf)

VI. Strategies (156kb pdf)

VII. Plans and Projects (488kb pdf)

Appendix A. Market Analysis (101kb pdf)
Appendix B. Tourism Asset Inventory (201kb pdf)
Appendix C. Resources  (9kb pdf)