Blog Posts from the Byway

By Blogger / Correspondent Elise Curtin

A Day in Hillsboro

Ghost Town Remains, Hillsboro NM

Still relatively removed from the machinery of modern life, it’s easy to imagine what Hillsboro was like in its days as a bustling mining town in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Short and Sweet Day Drives—East to Engle & Spaceport America

Mojo on a dirt road on the Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway

This day drive begins north of Elephant Butte, meanders in the general direction of Engle, makes a surprise landing at the gates of Spaceport America, and ends with an overlook on Bureau or Reclamation land.

Short and Sweet Day Drives—South to Caballo Lake State Park

Mojo looking happy on the Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway

The Caballo Mountains are a gorgeous backdrop to Sierra County’s less-known body of water, Caballo Lake, and Caballo Lake State Park. The park entrance is about 13 miles south of Truth or Consequences.

Chloride for a Day

Turn left for Chloride

When was the last time you took a drive to Chloride? If you’ve never been, just the drive alone is scenic enough to make it worth your while. All weather roads that wind their way through breathtaking mountain vistas, vast high desert spaces stretching on for miles, and puffy-cloud-studded blue skies galore.


Highway to Chloride

Introducing—our new correspondent and blogger, Elise Curtin! She will be out on the trail in coming weeks and months, and has agreed to share her experiences here.